This is a web-based source of reference material for learning how to play the Great Highland Bagpipe, and contains the materials I have used and use in my lessons.  Being web-based allows it to be navigated in forms that are not natural to a book (see How to navigate this site), makes it easier to be shared across the world, and the navigation features additionally cater for multiple learning styles.  This site can be used from desktop and laptop PCs, as well as from tablets and smartphones; and can be easily projected onto classroom screens.  Additionally, this site will continue to be updated and expanded over time (see Roadmap).

The topics included in this site are more related to ceòl beag (bagpipe light music) than that of ceòl mòr (bagpipe classic music, a.k.a. piobaireachd).

This site is designed to be used as reference material for both instructors and students, nevertheless this site is not intended to be a substitute to an instructor.

Though this site is of free access, intellectual property and copyright laws still apply.  Please note that it is acceptable to project and print this site's pages (hard or soft copies) and it is acceptable to link to this site's pages from external sources (see How to cite this site).  It is not acceptable to copy, store or reuse text, videos and/or images (contained within this site's pages) without prior permission.  By accessing this site you are in agreement with the above terms and conditions.

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